Sunday Chat: Four Year Anniversary Q&A with Craig

Last week, my boyfriend Craig and I celebrated our four year dating anniversary. Woo! Is that crazy to anyone else besides me? I mean I feel like I’ve known him forever but it still seems crazy how quickly that time flew by. Anywho I saw a post like this over on Dana’s blog (definitely check it out! She’s great) and thought it would be fun to do a Q&A with Craig on PLH! When I created this space I knew that I wanted it to be real and a window into my life…well that simply wouldn’t be possible without including Craig since he is such a huge part of my world. So without further ado, we each (separately) answered a set of ten questions about us and our relationship and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together! Quick disclaimer that Craig’s answers are much shorter than mine (he’s a man of few words, ha!). Also, let me know if you like posts like this, and want to see more dating/relationship posts, more with Craig, etc. Okay for real this time, let’s get into it!

Q: When/where did we meet?

 Kacie: We actually met the day before our freshman year at the University of Miami. A group of us were all hanging out in one of the freshman dorms when a group of guys walked in from the room next door. I remember seeing the last guy walk in with a slice of cheesecake of all things (lol) and while everyone else is introducing themselves around the room he is just shoveling cheesecake into his mouth! I also distinctly remember thinking “wow, he isn’t going to share?”

Craig: Freshman year! During our first week of school at the University of Miami.

Q: What was your first impression of each other?

 K: Well like I said, the very first time we met he was busy eating cheesecake and didn’t speak much. But I definitely remember finding him interesting and like someone that I wanted to get to know. I came to UM so excited to make friends but knew that I wanted those friendships to be organic and effortless. Talking with Craig was exactly that. We just connected during our first few conversations and I knew immediately that he was something special.

C: Wow she’s gorgeous. Like damn.

Q: Describe each other in three words.

 K: Ah I could go on forever… (Absolutely) hilarious. (Ridiculously) handsome. (Unfailingly) genuine.

C: Pretty. Little. Hustler. (Or Bold. Bad. Boujee… oooooor Ambitious. Intelligent. Passionate… they all apply)

Q: What is your favorite thing about each other?

 K: Wow this is tough. I think my favorite thing about Craig is his heart. He is easily one of the most trustworthy, kindhearted, loyal people I know. He’s a terrible liar and wouldn’t hurt anyone intentionally. Basically there isn’t a mean bone in his body. I trust him with anything and for me that is crucial to any relationship. His amazing personality and southern drawl are also up there on that list too, ha!

C: She’s a go-getter, and inspires me to be the same.

Q: What annoys you most about each other?

 K: Craig isn’t the best communicator (admittedly) which definitely clashes with me at times because I LOVE communication and expressing your emotions. I love to discuss things, and nip problems in the bud right in the moment. Craig can sometimes bottle things up and it’s like you need a wrecking ball to get in there (love you babe!)

C: Honestly… the fact that she’s an Eagles fan.

Q: What is your favorite memory together?

 K: Wow so many…I want to say our first anniversary trip to Key West but I’ll say something else since he’ll probably say that, ha! So it was the very first day we moved to NY. We got the keys to our apartment but I had to go back to my job at the time and Craig was still on the job hunt so we agreed that he would go back to our place and unpack the car until I got home after work that day. Well when I got home to our first home together, I walked in to the absolute cutest set up ever! Mind you, we didn’t have any furniture then, like literally none except for a TV that my mom gave us and an air mattress. Well I got home expecting an empty apartment but instead found that he had set up our living room to be our makeshift bedroom for the time being. He’d blown up the air mattress and made it up with sheets and pillows and everything. He had the TV propped against the wall across from the bed and had set up a few other small things so that I would come home to a “home” instead of an empty apartment. *insert heart eye emoji here*

C: Too many to choose from. But my favorite at the moment is being chased by an enraged rhinoceros at a safari, and barely escaping with our lives 🙂

Q: Who is the dominant one in the relationship?

 K: Ha, I probably am. But I think we definitely have our moments where we let each other take the lead. However most of the time, I’d probably say me just because I can be really opinionated & stubborn while Craig is super easygoing.

C: It’s give and take in our relationship, but Kacie definitely dominates the TV.

Q: Who said ‘I love you’ first?

 K: Haha definitely Craig.

C: Me, it wasn’t even close.

Q: It’s a typical Friday night. What are we doing?

K: Probably at home, ordering something from Seamless or Postmates (food delivery apps) and trying to pick something to watch on Netflix. Or a movie date since we both love movies.

C: Figuring out where we’re going to drop $40 on Seamless. Maybe some Mario Kart. Definitely some kisses.

Q: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned during our relationship?

K: I think being together for four years has made both of us grow individually and as a couple. For me, I’ve learned to communicate better and more effectively. But I’m definitely still learning everyday, and every year we get better and better 🙂

C: A successful relationship requires patience, understanding, and unwavering support for one another.




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